Asthma in Children

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What causes asthma in children?

The inside area of adult lungs is as big as one side of a tennis court. Do you think an area this size collects dust from the air blowing in and out? Yes, it does! 

Your child’s lungs are warm and damp. Do you think bacteria from the air they breathe in would like to grow there? Yes, they would love to! 

Protecting lungs is a constant job of your child’s body. And sometimes it goes into overdrive, causing asthma. 

What are the symptoms of asthma in children? 

Narrowing of their airways makes it difficult to breathe. This leads to shortness of breath, chest tightness and Weakness 

Irritation of their airways causes coughing and wheezing 

Asthma symptoms get periodically better and worse without the underlying cause going away

How to control asthma symptoms in children?

Reliever inhalers relax the muscles clenching around the air pipes. They open up airways for a short time, but don't treat the underlying irritation.

Preventer inhalers sooth the inflammatory reaction the body creates to protect the lungs. Inhalers can not make the asthma go away but they can reduce symptoms to a manageable level. 

Tablets and injections further suppress immune reactions if inhalers alone are not sufficient. 

How does Smart Peak Flow warn you before asthma symptoms show? 

Your child gets tired and short of breath when the airways have narrowed to let through half as much air as normal, or even less. By this time the defence mechanisms of their lungs are in full action.

Smart Peak Flow can detect narrowing of less than 10% and gives you early warning 5-7 days before your child starts feeling down with asthma. 

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