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Smart Peak Flow was invented to manage asthma proactively. To educate people about their condition, to make them aware of what they can do to get better and to help share their information with their doctor.

In the past few decades, asthma care has mostly stayed the same, as most people experience minor symptoms. However, the number of mild to severe cases is growing, due to the changes in air pollution and lack of awareness in general.

Started in 2016, working with respiratory health experts at Imperial College London,  the Smart Peak Flow meter is the world's first peak flow meter to use smartphone technology.


CE Certificate
ISO 13485 Certificate
Certificate of Conformity


Comparison of peak flow meters
(white paper)
Smart Peak Flow is used for clinical research at Harvard & BIDMC
Smart Peak Flow is used for clinical research at Novartis & Sandoz


Dr Thomas Antalffy

Founder and Managing Director

Richard Pethö

Business Development Director

Zsolt Szrnka

Operations Manager

Ian Cameron

International Sales Manager

Simon László

Quality Control Manager

Dóra Szilágyi

Marketing Manager

Antony Wilson

Head of Sales and Marketing

Nathan Phillips

Digital Marketing Manager

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