Frequently Asked Questions

What does Smart Peak Flow measure?

Smart Peak Flow measures the maximum speed at which you can exhale in Litres per minute. This is a reliable indicator of how much your airways have narrowed.

How often should I measure my Peak Flow?

Most doctors recommend you take your reading twice a day, and the app will remind you to do so. You can however measure it more often if you so wish. All measurements will be displayed within the app.

How accurate is Smart Peak Flow?

Smart Peak Flow is designed to conform to the recommendations of the British and American Thoracic Society. Being a Class IIa Medical Device, Smart Peak Flow's level of accuracy fully complies with the requirements of International Standards prescribed for portable peak expiratory flow meters.

Will the device work on my tablet and my phone?

Yes. The device will work with any smartphone or tablet that has a standard 3.5mm jack connection, microphone port, and that runs iOS 10.0 or later – or Android 5.0 or later. Click here for the most up-to-date list of devices it has been specifically tested with.

The device will also work with the newer Apple devices without a 3.5mm jack connection with the lightning to jack adapter provided with your smartphone.

My smartphone doesn’t have headphone jack. How does it connect?

The device works with Apple and Android devices that don't have a 3.5mm headphone jack. Simply connect Smart Peak Flow through the headphone adapter provided with your smartphone. The app will recognize the device just as if you plugged it directly into your phone.

Will my data be safe?

Your data is stored on your device as well as anonymously synced to our secure servers in the cloud as a backup. We do this so that you can retain your peak flow data if you loose or replace your phone. 

How will I clean my Smart Peak Flow device?

Firstly, try not to cough or spit into your device. If it does happen, lightly rinse your device with water and make sure it dries fully before using it again.

Can family members share the device?

No, the device is to be used by a single user. Click here if you need more devices.

How do I share my peak flow readings with my doctor/carer?

To share your peak flow readings, click on the “share” button near the top left corner of the Chart.


Smart Peak Flow has a minimum lifespan of 2 years under normal usage conditions. Perform cleaning of the device on a regular basis to continuously ensure hygienic and accurate measuring.