Smart Peak Flow Meter

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You’re about to attack asthma and this is your new secret weapon. Blow and forget style management, let the app do it for you.

  • Same day asthma attack warnings, or several days in advance.
  • Know if your asthma is getting better or worse, and what to do about it.
  • Suitable for adults and children above 5 years old.
  • Medically approved device used at Harvard Medical School.
  • Use on all phones with a headphone jack. If your phone doesn’t have a headphone jack, you can use headphone jack adapter for it.
  • More accurate measuring than normal peak flow meters.
  • Convenient peak flow charts and send to your nurse/doctor by email. Cut down on visits.
  • Free app & free delivery worldwide.100% money back guarantee if you don’t like it.


Get started

A quick video on how to get started with your Smart Peak Flow meter.
Doctor's thoughts
"This is a great alternative to written paper diaries.
You can easily download the app and get accurate measurements.
Also, those who are less tech-savvy get feedback on the accuracy of their measurements."

- Dr. Andras Szantho, Pediatric Pulmonologist

What's in the box?

Smart Peak Flow Meter
Washable Mouthpiece
Carry Bag
User Manual

20 reviews for Smart Peak Flow Meter

  1. Jacques D. (verified owner)

    With Smart Peak Flow I now know how to adjust the prescribed medication and so avoid hospitalization. Before, whenever my asthma became too severe, I would have to go to the hospital for shock treatment – I no longer need to go through all that ! Many thanks go to Smart Peak Flow.

  2. Sam

    Since most recent app update, it works well. I do get some variability with differing amount of room lighting – however, this is expected. I’m a health care professional that has tried using this device.

  3. Zita

    Perfect, easy to use

  4. Anonymous (verified owner)

  5. Karen Carmichael

    At first I had trouble with the app giving measurements when I hadn’t blown. (due to certain types of lights) This has now been fixed. Easily fits into my bag, allowing me to take a reading anywhere, anytime. My GP was impressed when I went in for a review and I was able to show her how my peak flow measurements had been since the start of the year by showing her the graph. My only complaint is that the mouthpiece to the meter falls off very easily.

  6. Sandra Delachaise (verified owner)

    it some time work I have two incase one brakes

  7. HUDOKLIN IRENA (verified owner)

    Veri conviniant for younger astmatics

  8. Anonymous (verified owner)

    I think every asthmatic should have this. This has breathed new life into my previously sporadic asthma care. Start the app, plug in & blow, result explained & logged in the diary-done! Also, an option to make a note & view the graph. The only nit pick I have, is that the clear mouth piece could do with a slightly tighter fitting.

  9. dan bayley (verified owner)

    Great little gadget, nice app too, but can’t figure out how to get my data out of it.

  10. Lee Mackenzie (verified owner)

    Great Device and App

  11. Lesdia (verified owner)


  12. Natalie Barnes (verified owner)

    I have a teenage son who has asthma – albeit only with a cold (virus) which can be quite unpredictable.
    I was looking for an app to document his peak flows and came across your product which is a fabulous innovative idea. I have a typical teenager who thinks normal graphing of peak flows is boring. Consistent peak flow monitoring has therefore lacking. Anything to do with technology and he’s interested.
    He also needs to be more involved in his asthma management. The app and smart peak flow metre have allowed him greater engagement with his chronic condition. I’m a registered nurse and love the use of modern technology and health innovation.

  13. Motoki Tokifuji (verified owner)

    5 for recording my peak flow ellegantly.
    -1 for not working on Pixel3 XL via microphone to usb-c adaptor.

  14. Angela P. (verified owner)

    Simple to use and recorded automatically – ideal.

  15. Shaban Shabanov (verified owner)

    Its a great way to keep track
    Down side-readings cant be deleted

  16. Margaret A.

    Efficient and compact

  17. Grace

    Great device easy to use. Needs a direct source of light above you or it gives some very peculiar readings! The device takes your highest resting not an average and you cant add any readings from a manual PFM. It definitely makes tracking my PF easier and PDF of results can be shared directly to my doctors which is fab!

  18. Martin Goodman

    Needs getting used to as if you are wheezy it sometimes doesn’t register.

  19. Sharon Beaumont

    Brilliant device. Bought it as my last asthma attack came on so quickly it was scary. However, after using this device on a daily basis it gave me an amber warning and advised I took my blue inhaler even though I didn’t have any major symptoms at the time. you can clearly see from the app that my asthma isn’t under control properly so I can now show the readings to my GP and hopefully get sorted.

  20. Allison Galt (verified owner)

    This is a brilliant device

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