Smart Peak Flow Meter


Control your Asthma with Smart Peak Flow – a smartphone compatible peak flow meter.

£3.50 Flat delivery.
Delivered worldwide within 3 to 5 days.

Breathe easy.

You're in control
Know what's happening with your lungs, at any time.
No more surprises
Find out if an attack is coming. Sometimes days before.
Don't hold back
Learn your triggers and stretch your limits.

Asthma control in your pocket.

3 blows & let the app do the rest.

Track & create your own diary of your Asthma. Taking peak flow readings is an accurate way to know what's happening with your airways. Smart Peak Flow helps you do this using technology.
Smart sensor technology
Removes guesswork around your Asthma.
CE-Marked medical device. Your data is stored anonymously.
No batteries
Just plug into your phone audiojack or microphone port.
Smartphone compatible
Works on iOS 10.0 or later - or Android 5.0 or later.
Does not work on Xiaomi phones. Click here for full compatibility list.
Washable & reusable
One is all you need.
Asthma diary
Chart your readings, see your personalised trends & tips.
Asthma alert & colour zones
Easily know if you're good to go or need medical attention.
Make notes on how you react to different places, time & activities.
Reminders, quotes & achievements
Helps you remember to take your readings.
Share with your doctor in 3 clicks.

What's in the box?

Smart Peak Flow Meter
Reusable Mouthpiece
Carry bag

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