Running with asthma

I love to keep fit and asthma is not stopping me

Smart Peak Flow meter tells me which days I'm OK to do sports

Can I do exercise with asthma?

Yes you can! The overall goal of your asthma treatment is to enable you to live a full life, and exercise is definitely part of that.

Here is some advice on how to be smart about it.

Eliminate triggers

You should know what triggers your asthma and avoid the places and conditions that provoke it.

Cold and dry air are worse than warm and damp air

Prepare for the exercise

Taking your reliever inhaler (bronchodilator) before sports is a good preventive measure

Using Smart Peak Flow before starting exercise will tell you whether your asthma is active in the background

Pick the right exercises

Short bursts of activity are much better than endurance sports

Weight training and running sprints are much better than spending an hour on the treadmill

Switch it up and experiment with different types of sport

Call it quits

If you have an airway infection

If for any reason your asthma kicks in during exercise

If Smart Peak Flow tells you you are in the yellow zone

Talk to your doctor if you are one of the few people with exercise induced asthma, where more than 10 minutes of strenuous exercise is the trigger. The right medication should allow you to do sports again.

Smart Peak Flow

meter tells me which days I'm OK to do sports